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How to Correctly Assemble a Daniels SHARPSGUARD® Container [Video]

It is important to ensure that your Sharps container is put together correctly to ensure the integrity of the container. In this short video, Eric ...

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How to Fit A Daniels Healthcare Sharps Container Bracket | Video Demonstration

It is important that your Sharps container is securely held somewhere that is easy to access for disposing of Sharps waste conveniently, quickly and safely. ...

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Daniels Sponsors Ashley Flores, Lead Nurse for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS

This post forms part of a series of posts where we share stories about the people, projects or businesses who we support through sponsorships. Our ...

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Daniels lid colours - thumb

Daniels Lid Colours | What they mean and why they are important

All of our SHARPSGUARD® containers have lids that are colour-coded for very important reasons. Each type of our customers’ waste needs to be disposed ...

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Barrie Helps St Christopher’s Hospice Comply With HTM07-01 | Safe Management of Healthcare Waste

Our sales and customer support teams try their utmost to listen carefully to our customers’ needs, and provide the best guidance and solutions we can ...

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What You Should Do, In the Event of a Needlestick Injury [Video]

Part of our service to our customers involves understanding what our customers go through on a daily basis, as well as the kinds of protocols ...

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The Handling of Sharps and Sharps Containers is Your Responsibility [Video]

We take great pride in the quality of our products and the way in which we support and train our customers in using them. Part ...

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How Our SHARPSGUARD® Containers Are Tested Before They Get To You [Video]

We are the manufacturers of the SHARPSGUARD® range of containers, so we know exactly what paces we put our products through before they get to ...

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IPS Conference 2012 – Our Twitter Experiment

Each year we attend and exhibit at the Infection Prevention Society’s annual conference. This is our biggest event of the year and one where we, ...

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Why We Have A Social Media Strategy

The evolution of how people communicate online is fast becoming the biggest change in how businesses now speak to their customers and how they market ...

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