Posted on 22-October-2013   by Dee Ward

IPS Conference 2013 – The Launch of Our Smartphone App

As you will well know, each year we attend and exhibit at the Infection Prevention Society’s annual conference. Last year we won Large Stand of the Year and our #Tweet4Treets promotion went off incredibly well. So, for 2013 – we were under pressure to wow our conference audiences differently!

And…I am proud to say – we had the best conference ever (feels like I say this each year!) We worked hard in the year leading up to conference in really bringing our business to the forefront of our industry – especially in the way we relate and communicate with our customers, and more so…in how we ensure that technologically we are leading in our field.

In our series of #LidLabelApp content (on Twitter) you will have read about our three innovations which we formally launched at this year’s IPS conference:

1. Our new lids (giving you an extra 10% saving)

2. Our new labels (with QR codes)

3. Our new App (which gives you point of use access to support, 24/7)

We designed our stand at the conference to give the best visual impact on how to use our App and the visitors absolutely loved our giant mobile phones!

Daniels Stand IP2013

Our stand this year

We also loved the opportunity to really show people all the work we have put into our social media content and how our blog is now a great hub of knowledge, customer stories and also insights into the sponsorships and great “feel good” things our team gets to be involved in all year round.

A big part of conference was also to share the new lid designs with our existing customers and showcase these to prospect new customers. But to be honest, displaying how our interactive App works and pointing out the value for staff-on-the-job who can have information about our containers, the safe use of them and know that they can contact us via a variety of methods 24/7 through the App  – was a lot of what we did for 3 days!

If you haven’t seen our ‘Application of Innovation’ yet, please contact us for a member of the Daniels team to come along and show you.

Demonstration of our App

Our Daniels team getting some on site training on our App

In between we of course had some fun with our Social Media Mascot…DANIbear. It was his first birthday and we had a Pass the Parcel game for those who had a DANIbear and came to see us at the stand. He has been working hard over the last year enticing our customers to join us on Facebook and Twitter and of course to share pictures of him all around the world. We now have 500+ DANIbears in our family and we plan to have reunions to get them together now and again! If you’d like a DANIbear give us a call – or if you have a DANIbear – we have created an online community for him where you can meet other DANIbear lovers! You will have to be on Twitter though to use it – click here.

On the Bus

On the Bus

We also joined in the social events during the conference, where on the Monday we were taken around London on a series of vintage London Busses, on our bus we were conducted by our own Andy Wright who did a brilliant job of entertaining us on board, whist ensuring our refreshment needs (hic!) were well catered for from members of the IPS team.

A big thank you to all of you who visited our stand and made the whole conference interactive, engaging and totally worth the hours put in into planning and attending! As always it’s the people who really make the conference so thank you.

Andy Wright - our entertainer

Andy Wright – our entertainer

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Until next year….that’s IP2013 wrapped up!


Dee is the Customer Support and Marketing Manager at Daniels. She is the key force behind a motivated and responsive team who support the Daniels customers and sales representatives day in and day out.