Our SANIBOX® cardboard clinical waste container ranges are designed and manufactured with user safety in mind. Since its launch in 2023, we have been pleased to add this to our range to offer a complete range of clinical waste containment solutions for our customers based in the UK and Ireland.

Our SANIBOX® range are certified to UN3291. (Download any certificates you need here.)

Available in four colours, these cardboard container ranges comply with the requirements of the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste guidance published by the Department of Health. They are offered in a variety of sizes, to ensure you are using the correct container for your needs.

If you work for a NHS Trust hospital or clinical setting, make sure you ask us about our Combine and Save offer we have for any NHS Supply Chain customers.

Whether you are new to Daniels (welcome!) or looking to move from a current container provider – please feel free to contact our friendly team to talk through any questions you may have.

SANIBOX® orange featured image

SANIBOX® orange

SANIBOX® orange for the disposal of known infectious clinical waste not contaminated with medicines

SANIBOX® yellow featured image

SANIBOX® yellow

SANIBOX® yellow for the disposal of infectious clinical waste contaminated with medicines

SANIBOX® pharmi featured image

SANIBOX® pharmi

SANIBOX® pharmi for the disposal of solid pharmaceutical waste in its original packaging

SANIBOX® gypsum featured image

SANIBOX® gypsum

SANIBOX® gypsum for the disposal of uncontaminated gypsum waste