Posted on 27-September-2013   by Eric Lanyon

Daniels Leads the Way in Savings and International Standards on Lids and Technology Enabled Labels

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There are three innovations that I would like to share with you that my team and I have been working hard on this year and are really proud to bring to you, our customer.

The application of innovation in our industry is what keeps our customers (hospitals, GP surgeries, needle exchange programmes, etc) at the forefront of providing safe environments in which they can support their own customers or patients and focus on their needs. With the update of international standards recently on how labels are designed in our industry – we took the opportunity to reassess our labels and our product design, to see what we could be do even better – to give you, the customer, the best product, the best savings and (as always) the assurance of compliance as standard.

Our New Lid Design

Now, your favourite sharps container is even more affordable. We have raised the lid and increased the usable fill volume by an amazing 10% and (of course) your hands will still be a safe distance from the contents. Now imagine what a 10% saving could represent for your organisation – yes, that’s what we thought…it’s an eye-opener. We have also taken the opportunity to also include thoughtfully marked indicator lines for you (by the opening of the lid) so you are sure when you have permanently closed the lid, as opposed to temporarily in the course of your day.

Compliance comes as standard here at Daniels, so you are assured that our containers meet with the BS EN ISO 23907:2012; EU Directive EU2010/13 and the HSE regulations 2013.

From the diagram below you will see what we mean by lifting the lid and increasing the saving for you:

Sharps container landscape

Our New Labels

Our new ISO 23907 labels not only meet all your compliance and safety requirements, we have incorporated QR codes as well.

The introduction of our smart QR codes means you and your staff can access the support you rely upon wherever you are, whenever you need it – via our Daniels App (the first of its kind in the UK in our industry).

Position of QR code on label

Position of QR Code on Our Labels

Smart phone usage in the healthcare workplace is increasing at an alarming rate. While there are many schools of thought on the subject, our view is that Smart Phones help people be more efficient, communicate easier and allow for out-of-hours support to be highly achievable.

If you want to read more about what we think on this subject – I’d suggest reading Dee Ward’s post called “Smartphones in Healthcare Environments – Recognising Mobile Innovation in The Workplace”

Our Smart Phone App

The third and last innovation I want to share is our App. Last year we really embraced social media in our business and as a result we have even closer relationships with our customers and they can communicate with us at anytime of the day, on Twitter or Daniels QR Code Facebook. Married with this shift in communication, the use of Smart Phones has really bolstered the need for us to give our customers another way that they can access our product information and support 24/7.  We have developed our free dedicated Daniels App so you can easily get to know our containers as well as we do. If you want to know more about the App and what you can access through it – read this post. (hyperlink to App post)

If you want to download the app now – scan the QR code you see to the right or go to the download page here.

If you are interested in any other information about our Lids, Labels and our App – you can follow the #LidLabelApp hashtag on Twitter; speak to your Daniels representative in your region or simply give our Customer Support team a call on 01865 371 841 and ask for more information.

Managing Director of Daniels Healthcare, part of the Mauser Group. He is responsible for the sales and distribution operation of Daniels SHARPSGUARD® Containers.