Posted on 22-February-2024   by Pete Williamson

Introducing SANIBOX®: Enhancing our sustainable clinical waste containment solutions

We’re pleased to unveil the latest product in our range: SANIBOX® – the cardboard container that enhances our range of clinical waste containment solutions and provides more choice for our customers.


Find the perfect combination for you

From SHARPSGUARD® eco sharps, pharmi, and anatomical containers to WIVA™ VAT5 & infinity containers, Category A waste containers and our Transport containers, we’ve got your clinical waste needs covered.

With the introduction of SANIBOX®, we now offer a full and comprehensive suite of clinical waste containers, allowing customers to ‘mix and match’ to suit their own needs.

Made from rigid Forest Stewardship Council® certified cardboard, these fully-compliant containers are sustainable, safe and easy to use, and complement our recycled plastic container ranges, giving customers another way to reach their own environmental targets.


Key features and benefits:

Regulatory compliance: SANIBOX® adheres to the highest standards, approved to UN 3291/ADR and in conformity with the 2018 NFX 30-507 standard. This means you can trust it to meet all the necessary requirements.

Visual indication of permanent closure: SANIBOX® features a visual indication of permanent closure. This added feature ensures compliance with the stringent requirements for clinical waste management and the NFX 30-50 standard.

Planet-conscious cardboard: Made from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified cardboard.

Sustainable packaging: We understand the importance of sustainable practices in healthcare, and this product aligns with giving our customers a range of product options dedication to a greener future.

Drapable liner with sliding tie: The 40µ high-density polyethylene liner, is complemented by a sliding tie, that ensures safe and effective containment of clinical waste.

Range of sizes and colours: From the compact SANIBOX® 6L to the spacious SANIBOX® 50L high and low options, the range meets the diverse needs of our healthcare partners. The colours correspond to specific waste streams, ensuring proper waste segregation at a glance:

SANIBOX® orange: For the disposal of infectious waste not contaminated with chemicals or medicines

SANIBOX® yellow: For the disposal of infectious waste contaminated with chemicals or medicines

SANIBOX® pharmi: For the disposal of solid pharmaceutical waste

SANIBOX® gypsum: For the disposal of gypsum waste.


A sustainable, cost-effective addition

In our commitment to a safer, greener, and more efficient healthcare future, Daniels Healthcare’s product suite gives our customers a variety of sustainable options for holding and disposing of their healthcare waste.

For our NHS Supply Chain customers, we’re pleased to offer savings on your total spend across our SHARPSGUARD®, WIVA™, and SANIBOX® containers with “Combine and Save”. You can explore our Combine and Save offer or reach out to our team to discuss how we can support you with your clinical waste containment needs.