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Team Focus | Hugo Mellouli, Head of Sales, Europe

Bringing over a decade of expertise in sharps containers, Hugo Mellouli, our Head of Sales for EU Medical Containers, came to us with a rich background and a passion for enhancing safety and sustainability in healthcare settings.

Tasked with guiding the healthcare division sales teams of Mauser Packaging Solutions in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the Daniels Healthcare team in the UK, Hugo’s experience and enthusiasm promises international impact and value.

We took some time to chat with Hugo about his role, his commitment to innovation and a circular economy, and his personal fitness pursuits.

Let’s hear from Hugo directly:

My professional journey began with a French sharps container manufacturer, where I served as the Sales Director. Over the course of 10 years, I spearheaded product launches, directed the company’s investment strategy, and fuelled business growth across Europe, Africa, and Asia. This experience equipped me with valuable insights into the diverse needs and challenges of the international healthcare market.

Moving on up

Choosing Mauser was a natural progression for me and I’m thrilled to be part of team. Having known the Mauser brand and staff for some time, I was drawn to their leadership and reputation in the industry.

Transitioning from a smaller business to a multinational company felt like the right move, and I was particularly excited about Mauser’s commitment to environmental initiatives and sustainable products, especially in the healthcare division. The Daniels Healthcare sharps container ranges made from post-consumer recycled plastic align with my vision towards a circular economy. I am passionate about bringing more eco products to the market and finding innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Cross-border collaboration

As Head of Sales, my focus is on understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Each country and market are different and I will ensure I am sharing best practice across borders to provide the best possible products, services and support to our worldwide audience. This includes universally-shared challenges and opportunities such as cost efficiency, waste management, and learning and development.

While my role revolves around product sales, my passion extends to the healthcare industry as a whole. I feel honoured to contribute to ensuring that our healthcare professionals have the right products and services to carry out their remarkable work.

A unique affinity

The UK holds a special energy for me. Daniels Healthcare takes great pride in nurturing long-standing relationships with healthcare teams. The sales team’s genuine investment in customer success, both in the short and long term, is evident in the support they provide through regular audits and collaboration to achieve sustainability targets within the NHS.

The management of the UK team will continue to be overseen by our National Healthcare, Sales Manager Steven Boyle. His expertise in the market, understanding of customers, and product knowledge are indispensable in providing essential support to our customers in the UK.

Personal pursuits

Outside of work, I play football, enjoy running, and love taking on physical challenges. Originally from Grenoble, nestled in the beautiful French Alps, I have been hiking and climbing mountains for many years.

After completing the Paris Marathon, my next endeavour is to train for and conquer an Ironman – a long-distance triathlon race – in the next few years.

I look forward to meeting and working with our sales team, customers and distributors in the coming months.

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