Posted on 5-June-2013   by Dee Ward

Temporary and Permanent Closure Procedures of SHARPSGUARD Containers [Video]

For any procedure involving Sharps you will be using the required personal protection equipment like goggles, gloves and apron – so try to think of the temporary and permanent closures of the Sharps containers as part of your PPE.

When moving a container for any reason – ensure that you close the temporary closure, or when you leave a container unattended or it isn’t in use – close the temporary closure.

When the container is full (reaches the”full” mark or is full according to your Trust’s guidelines) – then pull the temporary closure tightly across until you hear a positive “click” which will mean that the container is properly closed and ready to be disposed of with the content safely locked inside. Remember to also complete the label to provide the date when the container has been closed permanently and who has closed the container.

We have a short video to help demonstrate this…

Thank you to Barrie Rolls (demonstrator) and Andy Wright (narrator) for putting this video together.

If you have any questions relating to the use of the temporary or permanent closures of your SHARPSGUARD® container – please call our Customer Support team on 01865 371 841 or tweet us on @DanielsHCareLtd.

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