Product Training and Support

As part of of our package for you, when you choose Daniels, is the industry leading training and value-added support you receive from us, here are some of the questions we are asked day to day

I work in infection control and would like to ensure my Trust is using sharps as safely as possible to protect staff, patient and visitors. Can you offer any support with this?

Yes! To support our customers in meeting all the latest sharps-related regulations, we offer a free Sharps Compliance Audit. During our audits, we check that ...

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I’d really like some posters about sharps to put up at the point of disposal. Do you have anything we can use?

Yes! We have a wide range of resources which are free to download and use in your setting on our Training Materials page....

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What do the different lid colours mean on the Daniels sharps containers?

All of our SHARPSGUARD® containers and lids are colour co-ordinated for good reason. The kinds of waste that you need to dispose of are all ...

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What is a temporary and final closure on your sharps containers?

Sharps containers are designed with the users safety in mind, each with a temporary and final closure position. The temporary closure, must be used in-between ...

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Can I transport sharps containers in my vehicle?

If the sharps container is full and in the final locked closure position, it is UN3291 compliant and you can carry it in your vehicle. ...

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How long should a sharps container be in use for?

The NICE guidelines suggest that a container should be in use for 3 months, after this time they should be locked and replaced. If you ...

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