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Partnering for a greener future | Shared values and sustainability across the Irish Sea

Daniels Healthcare Irish Partner, Mediteq

At Daniels Healthcare, we are united behind a simple yet strong set of values; safety, sustainability, collaboration and innovation. These principles shape our company culture, influence our decision-making processes, and have ultimately led to our position as the leading sharps container provider for the healthcare sector in the UK.

This clear sense of who we are also guides our vision for the future and means that we actively seek out like-minded partners, investments and projects which share our intentions and ways of working.

Having aligned values with suppliers, distributors and customers affords a better fit, achieves more over the longer-term, and increases the societal, environmental and financial impact.

One of the companies we have partnered with for these very reasons is Mediteq Healthcare Solutions.

Recognised as one of Ireland’s leading healthcare distributors, Mediteq is a HPRA licensed, progressive and ambitious Irish-owned healthcare company specialising in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and registered biocides. They work with leading global, European and Irish healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring their customers the latest and most innovative products and services throughout the island of Ireland.

Equal determination and dedication

In January 2020, Mediteq launched the Daniels Healthcare SHARPSGUARD® range in Ireland as our exclusive distributor.

Laura Groogan, Commercial Director, Mediteq, said:

“As well as this new partnership, 2020 also coincided with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, these were of course extremely challenging times, however the dedication of both the Mediteq and Daniels team enabled us to support the vaccination programme in Ireland during this time with the SHARPSGUARD® range.

It was evident that our equal determination and dedication to make it work, during a time of disruption and uncertainty, made for the start of a great partnership. As Daniels’ right arm in Ireland, we not only store product on island for our customers, we also provide ongoing training, education and audit services to Irish hospitals in-line with Daniels’ customer-centric approach in providing education, support and increasing compliance.”

Despite the lockdowns and restrictions, both teams worked incredibly hard to make it happen. ‘Train the trainer’ sessions took place with Daniels before the first lockdown so the Mediteq team could, in turn, train hospital staff in the safe and effective use of the containers. Further sessions were then run online to ensure the safety of both teams.

Mediteq Irish partner - team shot

The Mediteq team

“Our partnership is based on open and honest communication, mutual support and our shared mission to support our hard-working health service,” says Laura. “This collaboration meant that Mediteq was appointed to a Clinical Waste Consumables framework for SHARPSGUARD® with a high market share across Ireland, supplying to public, private and voluntary hospitals across the country.”

Laura adds: “The Daniels Healthcare team demonstrate their values in the way they communicate with us, which is incredibly engaging and supportive. And in how they embody their long-term view, particularly with product innovation, compliance and sustainability, it’s aligned with Mediteq’s long term goals.”

Contributing to Ireland’s net zero goals

Firmly established as a pillar of Irish government policymaking and now enshrined in law, Ireland has committed to halving its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050 at the latest.

Its ‘Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy’ has the ambition to tackle waste generation and move towards a circular economy, and we all have a role to play to help fulfil these goals.

Mediteq launched our innovative SHARPSGUARD® eco range, containers made from at least 40% recycled plastic, to Irish hospitals in January of this year. This innovative application of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) reduces the reliance on virgin plastics and reduces carbon emissions which will support government in meeting its net zero commitments.

Steven Boyle, National Sales Manager, Daniels Healthcare, said:

“As the first container made from PCR to be launched in Ireland, it was important that we had the right distributor to launch the range.

It was evident that Mediteq’s ways of working, particularly around sustainable logistics and hands on customer support, made them the perfect partners to launch a product made from recycled plastic.”

Mediteq’s own environmental strategy includes initiatives around energy efficiencies, waste reduction and recycling, continuous improvement and sustainable procurement, which are key steps in reducing overall carbon emissions. The implementation of electric forklift trucks in their warehouse means zero tailpipe emissions, less heat and less noise, and their policy to import only full truck loads is reducing carbon emissions across the Irish Sea.

Laura adds:

“The innovative application of PCR plastic within the container production, combined with the sustainable logistical management of getting the product into end users in Ireland, is a great example of our long-term strategy and commitment to support not only our own sustainability goals, but also the HSE’s Infrastructure Decarbonisation Roadmap, and to further support the targets as set out in the Governments Climate Action Plan.”

Daniels forges forward with partnerships

Along with Mediteq, Daniels Healthcare is committed to providing products that are user-friendly, affordable and sustainable which keep patients and healthcare professionals safe along-side the provision of the highest-quality training and regulation compliance support.

Steven concludes:

“We will continue to design and manufacture the safest, responsibly-manufactured sharps and clinical waste containers available on the market today and work with like-minded partners, like Mediteq, which share our mission and values.”


This is a post published by the Daniels Healthcare communications team.