Posted on 26-April-2022   by Kevin Cundy

Our SHARPSGUARD® containers are evolving

SHARPSGUARD® Eco containers

Introducing a major development in our mission to reduce single use plastics; the new SHARPSGUARD® eco containers, made using at least 40% recycled plastic.

Following the successful launch of SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi and WIVA™ Infinity, made of responsibly sourced recycled plastic, SHARPSGUARD® eco containers are the next sustainable product offering from Daniels Healthcare.

It is the largest roll out so far in terms of product range size and includes SHARPSGUARD® for sharps, SHARPSGUARD® anatomical and SHARPSGUARD® dani container.

As you would expect from the leading supplier of sharps and clinical waste containers in the UK and Ireland, this latest evolution in our SHARPSGUARD® range still meets the highest standards in quality and safety, while providing a sustainable solution to the healthcare sector and minimising the impact on the environment.

Safe for our customers, sustainable for our planet

This innovative application of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) within container production is a key part of a long-term strategy to reduce the reliance on single use plastics and to support the NHS in reaching net zero by 2040.

By partnering with one of the UK’s leading accredited polymer recycling organisations, we have helped to develop the ultimate blend of PCR needed for sharps containers. Using plastic waste collected from UK curb sides, the plastics are sorted, flaked, cleaned, and turned into PCR granules ready to be used in the manufacture of Daniels Healthcare sharps containers.

The new SHARPSGUARD® eco containers are:

  • Made from up to 46% recycled content
  • Reducing the impact on the environment
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Reducing dependence on virgin plastic made from crude oils
  • Removing the financial impact of the government’s Plastic Packaging Tax.

User protection and environmental protection can go hand-in-hand

Steven Boyle, National Sales Manager, Daniels Healthcare, said:

“We are proud to be at the forefront in developing the next generation of our products utilising sustainably sourced recycled plastics, to create cost-competitive, high-quality products with a reduced environmental footprint, without compromising on safety and affordability.

As a key supplier to the NHS, we work in close partnership with healthcare providers to ensure our product development is aligned with front-line needs. We whole-heartedly champion the focus on reducing environmental impact and collaborate with the NHS to help it to deliver its sustainability goals; the new SHARPSGUARD® eco containers is just one of the ways we are proactively delivering on our commitment.

The continual evaluation and evolution of product ranges and processes is central to our Sustainability Promise and vision is to be the most innovative sharps and clinical waste solutions company in the UK and Europe.”

Seamless transition at no extra-cost

Daniels SHARPSGUARD eco containersApart from a difference in shade of colour and an added ‘R’ on the end of the product code, there is no difference to the safe and easy to use range that you know and trust.

Fully compliant with UN 3291 and ISO 23907-1:2019 standards, and with a full range of coloured lids in line with HTM07-01 waste segregation guidance, the containers remain compatible with current accessories, trolleys and brackets.

Specific current customer notes:

If you are currently purchasing your Daniels containers through NHS Supply Chain, you will continue to procure products as normal and will automatically receive the new SHARPSGUARD® eco containers.

For customers who purchase their containers directly from us, your Daniels Healthcare Account Manager will be in touch to discuss your simple transition to the new range.

For more information or to place an order, contact our friendly Customer Support Team on 01865 371841 or by email on: Alternatively, you can contact your Local Area Manager.

Head of Sales and Marketing for Mauser UK & Ireland. Kevin works with our Trade and National sales teams to bring our containers to the market in these regions. He also works with our marketing team to help develop our customer training and communication materials.