Posted on 24-May-2022   by Kevin Cundy

Global reach, local benefits – making a world of difference in the UK

Global reach, local benefits

The leading provider of sharps and clinical waste containers in the UK is flourishing, backed by extensive global talent, finance, and innovation.

In 2016, we became part of Mauser Packaging Solutions, a world-leading company in industrial packaging with more than 300 years of combined experience, 1,000 global patents, 180 sites, and over 11,000 employees.

While it was a seamless change for customers, the past six years have seen some hugely beneficial advancements in our product and service offering.

Access to the latest sustainable innovations

Being part of a global network of design, manufacturing, and recycling facilities, certainly has its advantages. The Mauser Packaging Solutions alliance brought unparalleled packaging performance and innovation to redefine sustainability for customers here in the UK and Europe.

In particular, the new venture meant that Daniels could now provide specialised Mauser-produced WIVA™ clinical waste containers (the world’s first UN-approved clinical waste container made from Post-Consumer Recycled Resin), to the NHS. In 2019, due to a new framework agreement, Daniels took over exclusive supply of these products to the NHS Supply Chain responding to the demand for a more sustainable waste solution.

Together, with our long-established relationships with healthcare customers,  we were able to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the healthcare sector, while still meeting the highest standards in quality and safety.

“Being a part of Mauser means we have even more capacity to provide the leadership and resources to ensure sustainability is advocated and integrated throughout Daniels Healthcare. We’re committed to ensuring that the decisions we make today contribute to a healthier environment tomorrow.”

The competitive edge

Another huge benefit of being part of an international company, is the immediate access to a huge team of talent with fresh perspectives and ideas who are just as passionate about helping customers reach their goals.

Widening and diversifying the skills base with people who have an equal commitment to helping organisations operate more sustainably and effectively has saved time and resources in not reinventing the wheel, led to new business growth opportunities, and offered customers the opportunity to leave a lighter ecological footprint.

Utilising the years of best-practice experience of the 1000+ Mauser workforce, new technology, and financial investment has enabled Daniels to be at the forefront of delivering the best sustainable innovations in containers.

“From new packaging made from recycled content, to reconditioning, reuse, recycling and professional disposal, Mauser Packaging Solutions prides itself on customised solutions that have a positive impact on organisations and the planet, bringing true sustainability at scale to companies all over the world.”

Since joining forces, Daniels has launched the SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi range, a pharmaceutical waste container made from 100% recycled plastic offering a safe and greener alternative at no extra cost to customers.

And the largest sustainable product roll-out so far in terms of product range size, was unveiled in April 2022. The SHARPSGUARD® eco containers are made using at least 40% recycled plastic and includes SHARPSGUARD® for sharps, SHARPSGUARD® anatomical and SHARPSGUARD® dani container.

These innovative applications of PCR within container production are a key part of a long-term strategy to reduce the reliance on single use plastics and to support the NHS in reaching net zero by 2040.

Knowledge transfer works both ways

Kevin Cundy, Head of Sales and Marketing for Mauser UK & Ireland, said: “As the UK’s market leader for sharps and clinical waste containers, it is our duty to innovate and respond to the needs of our customers and our planet.

“As well as our fundamental focus on safety, being a part of an international packaging group has enabled us to have a much wider impact on sustainability at-pace and at-scale.

“We have been able to share our significant UK-led product innovation and streamlining activities with our Mauser colleagues to reduce the global environmental impact of this industry. And we will continue to look for new ways to support the NHS in reaching their sustainability goals and create a better future for our world.”

Daniels Healthcare is proud to be a part of Mauser Packaging Solutions and the benefits it brings to the UK-based team, customers, and the environment. For more information on how Mauser Packaging Solutions is building a global integrated sustainability approach, click here.

Head of Sales and Marketing for Mauser UK & Ireland. Kevin works with our Trade and National sales teams to bring our containers to the market in these regions. He also works with our marketing team to help develop our customer training and communication materials.