Posted on 20-November-2012   by Dee Ward

How Our SHARPSGUARD® Containers Are Tested Before They Get To You [Video]

We are the manufacturers of the SHARPSGUARD® range of containers, so we know exactly what paces we put our products through before they get to you. The container ranges have been enhanced to enable compliance with the requirements of the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste guidance published by the Department of Health. The ranges include new colour coded containers, lids and labels in a variety of sizes, whilst retaining the very highest standards. It is worth noting that our SHARPSGUARD® ranges are manufactured according to BS7320:1990, UN3291, AFNO NFX 30-500 and ISO 9001:2008.

In this short (humourous) video we show you how the containers are tested and packed before they get to you. In our warehouse we use state of the art technology and testing systems to ensure that we operate in an environmentally friendly and efficient way in terms of raw material distribution, manufacturing, storage and packaging.

A summary:

  • The containers are created by injection moulding
  • They are then scooped up by our hydraulic arms and placed carefully into position on the conveyor belt…ready to be individually lifted and stacked
  • The neat stacks are then manually placed (together with the matching lids) into the final packing boxes
  • The lids are manually fitted with the sliding closures before being packed
  • The packed boxes are then closed and sealed tight, ready for their journey
  • In testing the container with it’s lid on and closed (as Colin demonstrates), you will see that:
    (a) If the container is dropped by someone (at any height) the specially designed lid stays tightly gripped and sealed
    (b) No needle can penetrate the container (see the test of bearing a load via a needle on to a test spot of the plastic used in manufacturing the containers)
  • The packed boxes are then stacked into the haulage trucks by our forklift drivers (they love that job!)
  • And then…the containers make their safe way to you, our customer

If you have any questions regarding the manufacture of our containers or anything about our SHARPSGUARD® range of containers, please feel free to ask the question in our comments section below and I’d be happy to answer you.

This video has been kindly demonstrated by our very own sales and support team (special thanks to Colin Paice). If you have any questions or want to know more about our customer support framework or about our SHARPSGUARD® range of containers in general – please contact our Customer Service team on 01865 371 841 or Tweet us. (Let them know you saw this video post.)

Dee is the Customer Support and Marketing Manager at Daniels. She is the key force behind a motivated and responsive team who support the Daniels customers and sales representatives day in and day out.