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The very real benefits of a dedicated NHS account manager

Benefits of dedicated account manager - HEADER

As healthcare provision moves towards person-centred care – treating patients as individuals and as equal partners in the business of healing – this premise of a two-way personalised approach has been a long-standing way of working for Daniels Healthcare’s regional account management team.

The enduring and collaborative relationships that our regional representatives, known to us as Business Development Managers (BDMs), have with their local NHS, have emerged as a beacon of bespoke high standards which Trusts up and down the country say they really value.

Account management isn’t just a bureaucratic function or ‘sales role’ here; it’s a dynamic and friendly partnership providing tailored and seamless support and optimising health outcomes for Trusts, and therefore patients.

This individualised service is based on understanding what matters to them and their individual needs through regular conversations, hospital visits and a collaborative process of shared decision making. This means Trusts have the most up-to-date information they need to choose how they shape their clinical waste containers supply, audits and training.

From helping Trusts to make financial savings through our Combine & Save discounts, to the urgent supply of sharps containers during the Covid-19 vaccination programme, our BDMs work alongside NHS teams on both short-term and longer-term priorities.

Their role is to be on-hand when customers need them, either ad-hoc or for a specific project or event, electronically or in person, as well proactively reaching out when there’s a new product or service to be launched.

But they are also working as an ideas factory behind the scenes, listening and responding to our customers’ needs at pace and liaising with other teams in the business such and manufacturing and logistics.


We asked a few of our very own dedicated BDMs for their recent highlights and thoughts.


Benefits of dedicated account manager - inset Les Boyce

“We don’t see Trusts as generic – far from it. Each hospital, department, and ward has differing needs, pressure points and targets and we make it our mission to understand and fulfil those. Similarly, with Trusts’ procurement, waste management and infection prevention teams, we aim to ensure that every interaction we have with these busy healthcare professionals provides value to them.” Les Boyce, Key Account Manager – North.

Benefits of dedicated account manager - inset Mark Brothers“We work hard to save hospitals and Trusts time and money while maintaining the highest safety standards. The free support and accessories, such as wall and trolley brackets, posters, audits and CPD-accredited training help Trusts to build up their knowledge, skills and confidence, and improve safety, at no extra cost – that’s something I take pride in.” Mark Brothers, Business Development Manager – South West.

Benefits of dedicated account manager - inset Anna McEwen“As someone who cares deeply about the environment and the planet, it’s very rewarding to be actively supporting customers’ sustainability targets with the provision of our recycled plastic and cardboard ranges. I’m also pleased that all the BDMs now have a fully electric or hybrid company vehicle.” Anna McEwen, Business Development Manager – South East.




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