Posted on 31-July-2017   by Kevin Cundy

The Power of Visual Communication in Public Health

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Last month I attended a fascinating conference on steroid use and the art of visual communication in public health, and I wanted to share what I learned along with some of the free resources now available.

Keeping on top of trends and fresh ideas in harm reduction is an important part of my role as Harm Reduction Business Manager here at Daniels. So, when I heard about the ‘Steroid Use and Public Health: The Power of Visual Communication’ event on the 14th of June, I was intrigued.

Human Enhancement Drugs logoOrganised by Birmingham City University (BCU), the Public Health Institute (PHI) at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), in partnership with Aalborg Anti-Doping (Aalborg Municipality, DK) and the Human Enhancement Drugs Network, the conference included presentations from a variety of communications, public health and substance use specialists.

The event focused on imagery used for harm reduction service workers to be able to identify different types of steroid users.

The infographics and artwork, now freely available online, will be of use in terms of increasing knowledge around steroid use and as a tool to use in practice. The presentations are also available to see here.

A Typology of Male Steroid Users and their risks

As a supplier of harm reduction equipment and supplies, the event started an interesting discussion on how we should be communicating with different user groups of sharps containers, from diabetics to injecting drug users.

Identifying the current needs of the harm reduction sector in these times of change is crucial to ensuring that what Daniels offers is aligned with what service users and providers need.

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I’m always interested in hearing from people working within this area about what they are seeing, what issues they are facing and what tools they need to do their job. My contact details are below – I look forward to hearing from you.

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