Posted on 6-December-2019   by Imogen Jones

‘SHARPSGUARD®-ian Angels’ – Making sharps disposal training fun

Making sharps training fun - people laughing

How one Daniels’ trainers are taking safe sharps education to a higher level!

“It is a well-known fact that adding comedy to training helps people to remember messages,” says Barrie Rolls, from Daniels’ Local Support Services in the South.

Barrie has been delivering a unique and memorable training session to some of customers in the South of England: “I wanted to do something that grabbed people’s attention during the sessions. But I needed it to be light-hearted as well as educational”.

His idea was to develop a fun and engaging concept which encouraged those being trained to not only understand the importance of preventing needle stick injuries but also to motivate them to become part of something bigger: to become a ‘SHARPSGUARD®-ian Angel’!

Barrie says: “The idea is that before they start their shift each day, they check each container using the SHARPSGUARD®-ian Angel’s checklist I provide, and correct any errors. Knowing they are keeping their workplace, colleagues and patients safe should give them a positive feeling and an ‘angelic smile’!

“I also encourage them to check their halos regularly. They can polish their halos after they act upon any non-compliance issues they find and watch it glow after they have repeated the checks and corrections at the end of their shift.”

So far, the training has been well received and the feedback has been positive, with Barrie reporting “smiles all round” from the participants.

He adds: “Sharps safety is a serious message and the training covers the importance of checking the lid, label and contents of every sharps container. But this training is also enjoyable and I’m sure that can only help the staff to remember what they’ve learnt and be proud to become a SHARPSGUARD®-ian Angel!”.

If you would like more information about Barrie’s training or a copy of the SHARPSGUARD®-ian Angel checklist, please contact 01865 371841 /

Imogen is the Product Manager for our SHARPSGUARD® range, and our Marketing Manager for the UK & Ireland.