Posted on 21-June-2023   by Pete Williamson

How to use a SHARPSGUARD® theatre+ container [Video]

How to use a SHARPSGUARD® theatre+ container

Our SHARPSGUARD theatre+ container is specifically designed for the disposal of long, sharp instruments, such as laparoscopes, chest drains, guide wires or staple guns.

The container’s tall height and large usable capacity make it perfectly suited for theatre departments and other areas who need to dispose of large medical devices of this type.

In this blog we share two training videos to support you in using this container.

How to assemble the SHARPSGUARD® theatre+

It is important to make sure that your sharps container is assembled correctly to ensure the integrity of the container and the safety of the healthcare professionals and patients. In this short video we demonstrate how to assemble a SHARPSGUARD® theatre+ sharps container:



The steps of assembly are:

  • Make sure that you match the lid colour to the colour of the label on the container.
  • Position the front of the lid above the label.
  • Place the container on the floor and press the lid down on opposite corners. You will hear clicking sounds as it goes into place.
  • Repeat this step on the other corners and along all four sides.
  • Engage the temporary closure by pushing on the handle at the centre of the door.
  • Complete the label with the details of where the container is located, the date the container was assembled and who assembled it. Your container is now ready for use.

Using the temporary and permanent closure

The temporary and permanent closures are features of our SHARPSGUARD® containers that protect healthcare staff from the contents of the sharps container.


The lid in open position

To allow hands free disposal, the SHARPSGUARD® theatre+ has a stud behind the door that will hold it open and allows it to stay open

Using the temporary closure

Make sure that you engage the temporary closure when you are moving the container or in-between uses.

To engage the temporary closure, gently push the lid down using the handle on the centre of the door.

Re-opening the door

Pull the handle in the door towards you and up this will disengage the temporary closure mechanism.

Engaging the final, permanent closure

When the contents of the container reach the fill line – or the container needs disposing of in accordance with your Trust’s or Health Boards guidelines – press the door down with both hands on the “press here to lock” wording until you hear positive “clicks”. This means that the container is in its final locked position and ready for disposal with the contents safely sealed inside.

Remember to also complete the label to provide the date when the container is closed permanently and who has closed the container.

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If you have any questions relating to using the SHARPSGUARD® theatre+ container or if you’d like more information, please give our Customer Support team a call on 01865 371 841 or contact your area manager.

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