Residential Users

Whilst home users do not receive their containers directly from us at Daniels, we are often asked and we want to to be as helpful as possible to navigate the usage and disposal of our containers. If you have further questions, please get in touch with the organisation who issued your container

Do you have usage and safety information for your sharps containers?

We have this helpful leaflet for home users that share usage and safety information for our containers? To download this click ...

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I am from a residential address, how can I arrange collection of my full sharps container?

If you have a medical condition, such as diabetes, and use needles to self-medicate at home, the NHS guidance states that your local council may ...

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How do I go on holiday with a sharps container?

With a doctor’s letter in hand, there should be no problem boarding with your medications and needles & Syringes. However, it is worth checking the ...

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The sharps container I receive on prescription is not the right size?

There is a limited range of containers available by prescription, of the SHARPSGUARD® range there is the 1L & 5L sizes, talk to your GP ...

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