Posted on 21-August-2015   by Imogen Jones

The Lowdown on Daniels in Scotland

Eric Bridgeford in Scotland

I recently had a chat with Eric Bridgeford, one of our Business Development Managers who told me all about what’s involved in his role in Scotland.

We sell our containers and support our customers in different ways, supporting their strategies, conferences and infection prevention across Scotland. We supply them with trays and brackets free of charge, which Eric tends to do himself. He likes to take them in, so he’s sure they’re getting the right brackets and trays for the bins. It’s also an opportunity to speak to the customers.

Let’s hear more from Eric…

A bit more about the Audits Eric carries out for customers…

‘These are normally organised by the infection prevention team. The infection control team decide if they will let the departments and wards know we’re coming. Malcolm Holley helps me as part of the customer support team, and Chris has helped a couple of times for the big ones”

Where in Scotland do our customers operate?

‘We work with big hospitals, for instance if you look at Lanarkshire, the infection prevention team in Wishaw Hospital look after their own acute hospital Wishaw, plus 3 or 4 other community hospitals. We like working with them because generally they don’t get seen a lot by other suppliers, especially in some of the remote areas, so they appreciate the service we give them.

We also cover the islands – we split them between us in terms of doing the audits. Our on-site training ensures that clients get up to speed fast on regulations and stay up to date with Sharps safety and disposal. I go back to the departments that weren’t compliant in their audits, coming in the yellow or red in our traffic light system and make sure they’re up to speed.

We handle ten regions of hospitals in Scotland – which is double that of our competitors who have five regions.’

Feedback from Scottish customers…

My customers say they get a very good service and I pride myself in that. Any issues are quickly resolved. I’m very proud of what I do in Scotland and my customers appreciate me because they tell me! They say “we buy from Daniels because of you Eric”. 

So, there you have it, Eric is the face of Daniels in Scotland! We are very proud of our team, and especially the fantastic work Eric is doing in Scotland. With more than 16 years on the job, Eric is still having a good time and enjoys seeing his customers.

Imogen is the Product Manager for our SHARPSGUARD® range, and our Marketing Manager for the UK & Ireland.