Posted on 20-August-2018   by Dee Ward

So Long, Farewell

So long farewell - header

At the end of this month I will be retiring from the business, and this will be my last blog post for Daniels Healthcare, and, definitely the most emotional one.

When I joined the company over 22 years ago I could not have foreseen the journey that this job would take me on…

The Yellow Bucket

This makes me smile when someone, who doesn’t know what we do, could just describe our product as a yellow bucket.

But, its not just a simple yellow bucket, it is so much more…an extremely important safety healthcare product.  The product itself is so highly regulated I found myself wrapped up in understanding all the implications surrounding labelling, colours, wording, transportation and disposal legislations.

Who knew that so many conversations and documents could be written explaining what should get disposed of, where, and how – surely one just chucks used medical equipment in a bin? NOT SO…

The people I came to call family

The people I have worked with and met along the way, far too many to mention in person, have been supportive and often inspirational, particularly those striving for continuous improvement in healthcare innovations and the safety of others.

Associations such as ICNA/IPS have become a big part of my Daniels life both in a professional way and now as I enter my retirement, many who I consider friends and will be keeping in touch with.

One of my annual highlights has to have been the ICNA/IPS annual conferences. Last year (#IP2017) was my last one and I was completely overwhelmed by the good-bye and thank you messages. You can see me looking at the memory book that everyone put together for me and presented to me at the start of the conference below.

IP2017 presenting me with my memory book

Daniels Healthcare has been such a significant part of my life where I have been surrounded by some amazing people.

On to new things, and a last big thank you

Life changing events, such as retirement, takes planning I’m told.  I’ve been asked: “What will you do with your time?” And of course the wise advise of “You need to keep busy”.  The truth is, yes it takes planning, and for those of you who know me, will know that planning is my middle name!

I’m a control freak, so there will be nothing just left to chance regarding this whole life-changing thing. It’s just another whole stage of life which, I have to confess, I am actually looking forward to (with more than just a little glee)!

So, when I said there were too many people to name individually I lied, I couldn’t write this without acknowledging a few people who have made my time at Daniels the ‘fun’ that it has been, so here goes:

Howard Simler – patriarchal figure of the Daniels Healthcare I joined all those 22 years ago, who believed in me and mentored me during a lot of my time at the company and, in particular, during my MBA. Howard Simler
Eric Lanyon – current MD, for continuously bringing new ideas to the table and giving me and the team the opportunity to make them happen – one of his brain child ideas (amongst so many others) was to introduce Social Media to Daniels, and we all know how that panned out! Eric Lanyon
Imogen Jones – my sidekick for the last many years and, in part, my successor. It’s such a wonderful thing seeing ‘youngsters’ so keen, and being able to help in developing that talent brings a warm glow to my heart. I watch this young lady grow and develop with pride. Dee and Imogen
Pete Williamson – National Sales Manager, who joined the company not long after me, and who has been my ‘dinner date’ at so many company events as well as my listener, ‘go-to’ person and one of those I will definitely keep in touch with in my new life. Pete Williamson
And last but certainly not least… Lorraine Smith – my Costa buddy, my colleague, my friend. Dee and Lorraine


Dee and John

If I mention any more specifically, I will be excluding others and that is not my intention, my team have been the best and I mean THE best, through good times and not so good, they have always maintained an exceptional Customer Service attitude.

There is however one person without whom in my life none of this would have been possible and that’s my BFF, my rock – my husband John – thank you for being you…


Highs and Lows

At this point, as I stage my move to my next ‘thing’, I look back on the memories (challenges and adventures both) I have shared with my team and the company as whole.

Lows – fortunately not so many of these:

  • Losing a member of our team to Ovarian Cancer, was probably one of the most challenging things that I, as a manager, mother figure, colleague and human had to endure. Trying to be positive, motivating and professional whilst watching our team member Cheryl lose her battle and those close to her suffer such emotional turmoil.
  • As one of the oldest members of the Daniels team, saying goodbye to colleagues over the years as they go their separate ways – getting married, moving away, having babies or indeed retire, has always been difficult even though many keep in touch.

Highs, so many (yay!) – here’s just a few:

  • Obtaining my MBA and enjoying all the learning it involved
  • Winning ‘Best Stand’ at ICNA/IPS 4 x times
  • Being part of the wonderful Daniels team which grew to become market leaders and all that brings with it
  • Bringing Social Media (Twitter Schools) around the regions and to so many
  • The wonderful friendships developed

This day comes to us all eventually, when our working life gives way to the next chapter, mine has been fabulous, thank you to all who have been part of it.

So, as the saying goes “all good things must come to an end” and on the whole, my time at Daniels has been good, so this is my time coming to an end… me, signing off for the last time….

Dee from Daniels (I’ve always loved saying that!)

Good luck and lots of love and best wishes to you all.

Dee is the Customer Support and Marketing Manager at Daniels. She is the key force behind a motivated and responsive team who support the Daniels customers and sales representatives day in and day out.