Posted on 16-December-2013   by Eric Lanyon

Our Best Foot Forward: ISO14001 and Our Commitment to Efficiency

Daniels has been working to reduce its carbon emissions over the past three years by investing in efficiency to reduce costs in their supply chain and reduce environmental impact. The following emission report outlines greenhouse gas emissions which Daniels own or control; and Best Foot Forward have calculated Scope 1 and 2 emissions for each calendar year using the relevant Defra conversion factors. Over the past six years (against a 2007 baseline) Daniels has achieved a 3% reduction in its absolute greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction has been achieved despite an increase in production of activity over the same period. The product emissions per kg (emissions intensity) have decreased by 15% towards our target of 26% by 2020, to reduce Daniels’ measure of intensity.

Delivering customer service beyond the product
Daniels has made progress in achieving significant reductions in the manufacture and supply of products to its customers. Moving forwards, Daniels will continue to reassess its production and product impacts with customers: they will work towards delivering efficiency and cost savings needed to achieve their own goals and those of their customers.

ISO 14001 and efficiency projects
Through rigorous monitoring of environmental impacts under ISO 14001, leading to Statistics on Supply Chain Savingsreduction projects and investment in lean manufacturing, Daniels has been able to achieve significant production and operational efficiencies since its first baseline assessment in 2007. As a result of these investments Daniels has reduced its product emissions per kg, or emissions intensity, by 15%. The efficiencies were achieved by conducting holistic operational management reviews of the manner in which Daniels produced and delivered products to its customers. Recent programmes have included:

  • Investing in 2 new machines
  • Installing Power Factor Controllers to optimise voltage
  • Implementing power saving through onsite lighting; and power optimisation investigation
  • Purchasing low carbon, fuel efficient, fleet vehicles

Daniels real terms savings demonstrate the progress they are making towards their specified organisational target of reducing emissions by 26% by 2020.

Our Commitment

Daniels’ commitment is to act responsibly by designing and manufacturing the best quality products that contribute to infection control in an operational manner consistent with the principles of ‘sustainable development’. This commitment extends to all Daniels’ operations, from the moment a product is designed to the manner in which it is treated at its end of life. This approach is holistic taking into account the entire life cycle – not just disposal route.

To realise this goal, Daniels aim to continually review and improve their operations, and work with their suppliers and customers to identify ways to maximise safety, quality and efficiency – affordably and responsibly. In addition to meeting their own internal goals,
Daniels strive to meet their customers’ goals by working in partnership with them.

Quality Assurance: Best Foot Forward Ltd. conducted a full organisational footprint analysis for and on behalf of Daniels Healthcare. Using the quantitative analysis outputs of this work Best Foot Forward have developed communication documents which summarise key findings. All work and results have been through a rigorous quality assurance process.

Managing Director of Daniels Healthcare, part of the Mauser Group. He is responsible for the sales and distribution operation of Daniels SHARPSGUARD® Containers.