Posted on 10-October-2022   by Pete Williamson

Daniels customers make a greener delivery choice

Loose pallets, less lorries

Our customers helped us to take 90 lorries off the road last year with this one simple decision.

Businesses all across the world use pallets for the shipment and storage of goods. Cardboard cartons containing a number of items are packed onto wooden pallets which are then secured with shrink-wrap and distributed to end-users.

Remove the need for cartons

What if you could remove the need for the cartons and instead ‘loose-load’ the products onto wooden pallets?

This would mean:

  • Less pallets – more products could be loaded onto each pallet.
  • Space saving – more efficient pallet loading means more room in each lorry.
  • Carbon saving – more product in each lorry means fewer vehicles emitting C02.
  • Waste reduction – from the removal of the cardboard cartons.

Loose-loading is the greener option – That’s the conclusion of many of our customers and they’ve made the decision to choose loose pallets over cartons. And Daniels Healthcare is making that happen.

The REAL difference this decision makes

In 2021, our customers’ decision to have their deliveries made this way led to 4649 less pallets being used which meant 90 fewer lorry journeys in that year.

While 90 may seem like a small number, looking at it on its own – however I’d ask you to now imagine those 90 lorries standing end-to-end. The distance would stretch 1.4 miles, about the same length as Oxford Street in London! Now that’s something to think about.

Removing the harmful carbon emissions of those 90 vehicles will have a positive impact on our planet.

How can you help, as a customer of ours?

You can help to increase this number and reduce your own organisation’s carbon footprint at the same time, by requesting a switch from carton pallets to loose pallets at the point of order, when you order our 11.5L (and above) containers.

The NHS is committed to reducing emissions and has therefore already recognised the benefits of our loose pallet deliveries. NHS Supply Chain automatically order loose pallets and prefer to receive our products this way.

Loose pallet orders are equally stable, using strong cardboard for protection, and have added efficiency benefits at our customers’ sites. Less packaging waste not only benefits the environment, but is also beneficial to those unloading the containers once delivered, saving time unpacking and disposing of less waste.

The items are shrink wrapped to the pallet for added security keeping the containers tightly packed and helping to eliminate knocks and bumps of individual items during transit. The shrink wrap we use is made of 30% recycled material and can itself be recycled.

For more information, please feel free to contact our friendly Customer Support Team on 01865 371841 or by email on Alternatively, you can contact your Local Area Manager.

Clinical Adviser & Sales Support Manager for the UK & Europe. Pete specialises in product training and use. His years of clinical experience gives the sales team deep knowledge of our customers role as well as offering valuable insight to our product development team.