Posted on 31-March-2023   by Daniels Healthcare

Accelerating towards a cleaner, more efficient future

Cleaner, more efficient future

A newly-installed hybrid production machine at Daniels Healthcare’s manufacturing site in Littleborough is creating local employment, global carbon savings, and healthcare supply chain security.

The partially electric injection moulding machine produces the WIVA™ Infinity range of clinical waste containers – the world’s first UN-approved clinical waste container made from Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR).

Embracing hybrid machinery means green gains

It means that instead of importing WIVA™ containers from the Netherlands, the products can now be produced here in the UK, effectively removing the need for emissions-producing transportation from Europe. 

Not only that, with a focus on speed and low power consumption, the large capacity injection moulding machine has state-of-the-art energy efficient technology which delivers a quieter and faster cycle time using 30% less energy than a standard, non-hybrid machine. 

Speed and security for the UK healthcare supply chain

Kevin Cundy, Head of Sales and Marketing for Mauser UK & Ireland, says Daniels Healthcare has always focussed on quality and innovation:

“This new generation of machinery is a key part of our future investment in technology and sustainability. With increased demand and disruption due to the pandemic, it’s also important that we look at ways to ensure security of supply for Daniels Healthcare customers. Being able to produce WIVA™ containers here in the UK means we can get products made and delivered faster to meet changes in demand.

“We continually look at ways to evolve, to reduce our environmental impact, and to enhance our service and products for our customers and I’m proud that we are delivering consistently on that promise.”

A pan-European team effort

The installation of the WIVA™ machine, which was developed by leading industrial machinery specialists BMB, has been two years in the making. A dedicated team of specialist staff from England and the Netherlands, combined their skills in engineering, logistics and technology and worked tirelessly to see the project through to fruition despite delays due to Covid.

Niels Raaijmakers, a specialist engineer from Mauser Packaging Solutions in the Netherlands and part of the project team, said:

“This is the biggest machine ever received by Daniels Healthcare, weighing approximately 90 tonnes and spanning 15 x 4 metres. From planning and civil works to technological and logistical challenges, the in-country teams worked brilliantly together using their expert knowledge to overcome complexities and achieve this phenomenal feat.” 

Stephen Littler, Technical and Operations Manager in Littleborough and part of the project team, added:

“The ability to now produce the products here in the UK is a real boost for UK manufacturing and the healthcare supply chain. Increased production rates, reliability and efficiency are huge benefits for our customers while cutting energy use and carbon emissions which will also contribute to our customers’ own sustainability goals.” 

The machine’s introduction forms part of Daniel Healthcare’s Sustainability Promise which outline’s the company’s commitment to embedding environmental processes, products and social value activities into the business now and in the future.

This is a post published by the Daniels Healthcare communications team.