SHARPSGUARD® eco International Range

SHARPSGUARD® eco International range is a comprehensive range of containers for the disposal of sharps.

It is the next evolution of the range, offering a sustainable alternative made from at least 40% recycled plastic.

To ensure the containers are safe and simple to use, there are assembly instructions (where applicable) on the label, along with details about how to keep the contents and users safe in between use.

Whilst in use, the containers should be positioned safely using either a bracket or tray from the POUDS® range – designed specifically for the SHARPSGUARD® containers.

When the container is full (never overfilled) – (contents reaching the safe fill line where applicable) the container should be locked – again, details on how to lock are on the label. Once locked the container should be disposed of safely.

Care must be taken at all times when handling all Sharps and Clinical waste containers.

If you’re interested in our SHARPSGUARD® International range, contact your countries local representative to talk through any questions you may have.

SHARPSGUARD® eco export

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