Posted on 18-October-2021   by Imogen Jones

Supporting NHS sustainability targets with SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi

Daniels Supports Sustainability Targets

Another leading UK NHS Trust has taken a big step towards achieving its green goals by implementing our new sustainable container range.

When Joe Mills, our South East Territory Sales Manager, was approached by one the largest and busiest teaching Trusts about a sustainable alternative to pharmaceutical containers, he knew he had a solution.

This is what he shared about his customer’s needs:

“The organisation is transforming into a fundamentally new kind of Trust built around patient need, offering all patients – local, national and international – the highest quality of care. This includes a focus on sustainability and standardisation.

The Trust has a policy to reduce single use plastics, so our SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi range is an ideal solution which will significantly contribute to achieving the sustainability goals of the Trust and reducing plastic.”

Eco-pharmi range supports NHS sustainability targets

SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi is a pharmaceutical waste container range offering a safe and greener alternative to our original pharmi range, with the base, lid and strap made from 100% recycled plastic. This next generation container combines the highest quality and safety standards with the environmental benefits of using recycled plastic at no extra cost to customers.

Joe goes further to say:

“As you would expect of one of the UK’s leading NHS Trusts, sustainability is high on the agenda, so the environmental impact of any new product implementation is considered early on.

After providing sample products, the Trust team, which included waste managers, procurement teams and clinicians, made the decision to trial eco pharmi. Following a detailed evaluation, they chose Daniels Healthcare as its sole supplier of pharmaceutical waste containers.”

A smooth transition to Eco-pharmi

The well-organised transition has included site-wide staff training, product information provision in all areas and free bracket fitting across the hospital by the Daniels Healthcare team. Daniels’ free value-add services will also include further training on the safe disposal of sharps; comprehensive audits to ensure legal compliance with regulations and educational materials to support safe working practices. 

Joe adds:

“The switch to eco pharmi not only improves the consistency and supply of containers, it significantly contributes to achieving the environmental goals of the Trust. SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi containers are designed to perform in exactly the same way as the non-recycled version, have the same product codes, are purchased through the same channels and are supplied at the same price – it’s a very straightforward and positive swap.

If any other Trust is looking at ways to reduce the amount of single use plastic being used, with a safe and high-quality product, while maintaining value for money, I would encourage them to contact us and find out how we can help.”

You can find out more about our SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi range by looking at our Range, downloading a PDF copy of the range brochure (click to download here), contacting your Daniels Representative or speaking to our friendly customer support team on 01865 371841.

You can also learn more about our Sustainability Promise and the work we are doing to innovate our entire product range to be more sustainable.

Imogen is the Product Manager for our SHARPSGUARD® range, and our Marketing Manager for the UK & Ireland.