SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi

The SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi range is the next evolution of container, offering a sustainable alternative with the base, lid and strap made from 100% recycled plastic.

Our aim is to reduce our impact on the environment while still meeting the highest quality and safety standards, view our brochure for more information.

The SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi, with the blue lid, is for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste in its original packaging.

The SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi cyto, with the purple lid, is for the disposing of cytotoxic or cytostatic pharmaceutical waste in its original packaging.

These containers are for disposal by incineration or other authorised process and is designed for the consignment of waste categorised by the following EWC codes:

blue lid 18-01-09 & 18-02-08;

purple lid 18-01-08* & 18-02-07.

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