DD210 eco pharmi hand
DD210 eco pharmi

SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi 11.5

Our SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi 11.5 is an ideal general-purpose waste container for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste in original packaging.

This is the next evolution of the pharmi container, offering a sustainable alternative with the base, lid and strap made from 100% recycled plastic.

Assembly and locking instructions are detailed on the label to ensure the containers are safe and simple to use. Details about how to keep the users and contents safe in-between uses is also included.

Whilst in use containers should be positioned safely using a bracket or mobile holder from our POUDS® range, suitable accessories for this container are detailed below.

This container is for disposal by incineration or other authorised process and is designed for the consignment of waste categorised by EWC codes: 18-01-09 & 18-02-08.

  • Gross Allowable Mass: 3.00 KG
  • Container Weight (g): 622.0
  • Container Size: H249mm x D275mm dia
  • Aperture Dimensions: W148mm x L48mm
  • Carton Contains: 20
  • Carton Dimensions: H566mm x L943mm x W283mm
  • Weight of Carton and Containers (kg): 13.23

Product Code: DD210

NHS Supply Chain Code: FSL068

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