Training at the point of use

Thank you for your interest in our point-of-use training app that uses the unique QR codes on our containers.

iphone QR code and bin

Scan SHARPSGUARD® range of containers for point of use training

We have reviewed how we deliver our training and are moving away from the Daniels App by bringing all the support you need directly from our website.

You will now have access to more content and training directly from each product page via the unique QR code on each container.

The process is almost the same

Rather than opening our app, just scan the unique QR codes on our containers with your camera or QR reader app on your smartphone. This will take you to our new product layout which gives you access to everything you need to know, to get to know our containers as well as we do.

Description tab

In this area we describe what the container is used for, the type of waste it holds and the EWC codes that it is suitable for.

Usage tab

You will have easy to follow instructions, or video tutorials on:

  • Simple assembly
  • Completing the label
  • Temporary and final closure
Specification tab

The contains the product and carton specifications: including aperture size, container size, weight, number of containers and carton dimensions.

Accessories available

This details the support accessories, such as brackets, trays, holders or stands that are compatible with the product you have scanned.

You will still have access to your usual support and training, such as posters and training leaflets, videos and our newly introduced CPD accredited training.

Please contact your local area representative to discuss something specific to your needs.