DD222 eco pharmi hand
DD222 eco pharmi

SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi 22xa

Our SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi 22xa is an ideal general-purpose waste container for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste in original packaging, no sharps.

This is the next evolution of the pharmi container, offering a sustainable alternative with the base, lid and strap made from 100% recycled plastic.

Product Code: DD222

NHS Supply Chain Code: FSL955

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Product Description

Our SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi 22xa for areas where larger items of pharmaceutical waste in original packaging need to be disposed, no sharps. Its hands free hinged door can stay open at 45 and 90 degrees providing a large aperture for the safe disposal of large items. The robust pail handle enables simple and safe transportation.

This next evolution of the pharmi container, offers a sustainable alternative made from 100% recycled plastic.

Whilst in use, this container can be positioned safely in one of our Point of Use accessories in our POUDS® range, accessories available for this container are detailed below.

This container is for disposal by incineration or other authorised process and is designed for the consignment of waste categorised by EWC codes: 18-01-09 & 18-02-08.


How to assemble the lid

1) Place lid on container with the aperture at the front in line with the label.

2) Press lid firmly on sides of container, listen for an audible click

3) Press lid firmly on front and back of container, listen for an audible click

4) Check all around the lid to ensure its assembled correctly

Details on how to lock the container and keep the users and contents safe can be found on the label.

Completing the label

Once container is started, fill in the completion area on the label with site, area, and name and start date

When container is locked, ready for disposal, finalise the completion area with name and close date

Lid Operation

Door in open position


Aperture in “temporary closure” position


Door in “fully locked” position


Training & Education

For further training and education please visit our FAQs or download our training materials.


Product Specification

Gross Allowable Mass: 5.0 KG
Container weight (g): 1036.0
Container Size: H348mm x L325mm dia
Aperture Dimensions: W230mm x L78mm

Packed Carton Specification

Carton contains: 7
Carton Dimensions: H326mm x L1080mm x W323mm
Weight of carton and containers (kg): 8.03