PATSLIDE® theatre

PATSLIDE® theatre patient transfer slide is proven in hospitals internationally over many years, it is widely accepted as being the ultimate in patient safety and comfort during transfer.

The smooth upper surface provides low resistance, allowing for easy transfer and a smooth bridge, spanning the gaps that occur between beds, trolleys and tables. The PATSLIDE® flexes to facilitate the movement of the patient.

The PATSLIDE® has no sharp edges or protrusions. The handles have been specifically designed to enable staff members to easily position and work with the PATSLIDE®.

It is made from a specially formulated thermoplastic, making the PATSLIDE® static insulative and X-ray translucent.

The PATSLIDE® is easily cleaned. With a full appreciation for the need for cleanliness, it is designed so that it may be cleaned simply by washing with a detergent, or any other aqueous-based disinfectant.

While the PATSLIDE® is not deemed to be weight-bearing/ carrying and the limiting factor in any situation is the bed or trolley – we rate the PATSLIDE® to 250 kgs.

  • Weight (kg): 4.2
  • Size: H10mm x L1525mm x W560mm
  • Carton contains: each
  • Carton Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight of carton and containers (kg): 5.3

Product Code: E569TH


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