DANIELS® Diagnostic Specimen Container 30

The 30 litre Diagnostic Specimen Container is ideal as the outer packaging when transporting samples or specimens. The label indicates the contents as Biological Substance – Category B.

To use this container place the primary specimen receptacle within a secondary packaging, such as a plastic bag, inside the container for a safe and effective means of transportation on the public highway. This works equally well for healthcare professionals in the community or hospital staff transporting samples to the laboratory.

The container is tested to UN drop test requirements and is compliant with Packaging Instruction 650, therefore, suitable for diagnostic specimens assigned to UN3373

This is ideal for transport departments or carriers offering a collection and delivery service for samples and specimens. The container has a double hinged lid which is secured in place by latches at the front corners.

  • Container weight (g): 1587.0
  • Container Size: H354mm x L400mm x W300mm
  • Carton contains: 5
  • Carton Dimensions: H716mm x L408mm x W453mm
  • Weight of carton and containers (kg): 9.09

Product Code: DD854

NHS Supply Chain Code: KCP140

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