Posted on 5-May-2017   by Imogen Jones

Health Awareness Day – Daniels helps Rotary Club

Health Awareness Day

We all know that we should take better care of our health but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to get a check-up, especially if we feel fine and have no worrying symptoms. But, what if you could do your supermarket shop and have a health check while you’re there? In this blog post we look at how an annual Health Awareness Day is enabling shoppers to do just that!

Picture this shopping list:

  • Apples
  • Shower gel
  • Blood sugar test
  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Blood pressure check

At first glance, you might assume that someone has got their to-do list and supermarket lists mixed up. But not if you were going to Willenhall Morrisons on the 23rd April, where trained nurses and medical staff were on hand to provide health checks as part of the Rotary Club of Willenhall’s Health Awareness Day (pictured below).

Health Awareness Day | Rotary Club

More than 60 shoppers took the opportunity to have free blood pressure (see picture below) and blood sugar tests, with some being advised to see their GP due to high blood pressure results.

Health Awareness Day | Rotary Club

Dr Janet Lefroy said: “As a GP I find that most people at risk of stroke and heart attack are not aware that they have high blood pressure or early diabetes. Discovering and treating the risk factors reduce the risk. So, the check-ups which Rotary offer, help people to know whether they are at risk and need to see their GP. I would like to thank Rotary for caring.

Rotarian Simon Sims said: “Daniels provided us with sharps containers which helped make the day possible. We would like to thank Daniels for their generosity in supporting District 1210’s Health Awareness Days and to Morrisons for providing the space.”

Can you spot the Daniel’s customer in this picture below?

Health Awareness Day | Rotary Club

We’re proud that we can do our bit to help – well done to everyone involved.

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Imogen is the Product Manager for our SHARPSGUARD® range, and our Marketing Manager for the UK & Ireland.