Our SHARPSGUARD® orange EXTRA 8.5 is an ideal solution for the management of sharps in high public access areas.

This container is supplied with the base and lid separately. Details about how to lock the container and keep the users and contents safe can be found on the label.

This container is for disposal by incineration or other authorised process and is designed for the consignment of waste categorised by EWC codes: 18-01-01, 18-01-03, 18-02-01, 18-02-02.

  • Usable Capacity: 7.59 Litres
  • Container weight (g): 816.0
  • Container Size: H269mm x L360mm x W161mm
  • Aperture Dimensions: W192mm x L46mm
  • Carton contains: 15
  • Carton Dimensions: H412mm x L1034mm x W374mm
  • Weight of carton and containers (kg): 13.55

Product Code: DD580OL


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