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[CASE STUDY] Medway NHS Foundation Trust Chooses Daniels

Case Study: Medway NHS Foundation & Daniels Healthcare


Introduction to our customer:

Medway NHS Foundation Trust is a single-site hospital which serves a population of more than 424,000 across Medway and Swale. Its 4,400 staff provide clinical services to almost half a million patients a year. The Trust’s overall objective is to continually improve its service and provide the best of care through the best of people.


Their challenges:

We were previously the sole supplier of sharps and clinical waste containers to Medway NHS Foundation Trust, until the hospital become part of a larger purchasing group. While not wanting to change supplier, the Trust was required to do so.

However, issues soon arose around lid shortages and poor customer service from the new supplier, as well as additional charges for brackets – leading to frustration.

The Trust became increasingly concerned by the lack of contact and support and was compelled to find another solution.

They had planned to switch back to Daniels but it was decided to trial reusable containers. Unfortunately, the user feedback was not good. Staff were reporting that the reusable containers’ small opening was difficult to use, the fill lines seemed to be too high (not allowing the container to be closed effectively), and that they are bulky to store.

The final challenge for the Trust was that the reusable containers were not always collected in a timely fashion, which meant that full containers would build up and complaints were received about the space they are taking up.


The Solution:

We were very pleased to be invited to share our Combine and Save offer for NHS customers – i.e. becoming their sole supplier of sharps and clinical waste containers. As well as staff preferring the usability and stack-ability of Daniels containers, the additional cost savings and proactive customer support only cemented their decision to return as our customers.

You can download the full case study to learn more about we supported Phil Day and his team in converting back to Daniels, and the benefits of our Combine and Save proposition for NHS Customers.

We are now providing the Trust with the SHARPSGUARD® range of sharps, eco-pharmi and anatomical containers and the WIVA™ range of clinical waste containers.




Testimonial Medway NHS FoundationTrust

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