Posted on 14-May-2020   by Imogen Jones

Team Focus: Imogen Jones, Product Manager and Territory Manager for North Thames and East Anglia

Imogen Jones - Daniels Healthcare

This is part of a series of posts where we introduce each member of the Daniels Healthcare team, from across the organisation. We have a compliment of approximately 90+ staff members who all live and breathe the ethos of Daniels and you’ll get to meet many of them in this series.  

Imogen Jones joined Daniels Healthcare in 2006 as part of the customer service team. She has worked in various roles across the company during this time and is an experienced, valued and long-serving member of the team.

After studying for a Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate in Marketing alongside her day job, Imogen’s career developed further as she gained another string to her bow.

Now in a dual role, Imogen combines her marketing skills as Product Manager with the knowledge of our products and services as one of our Territory Managers.

Imogen says that the combination of her responsibilities benefits our customers and contributes to her own job satisfaction: “Working directly with hospitals and the staff working at the coalface gives me a real understanding of the challenges they face and the products they need to do their job safely and effectively. This insight then feeds directly into our product development and marketing materials”.

Imogen Jones IPS Group Photo

Imogen Jones with the IPS Group.

Imogen looks after around 60 NHS trusts across East Anglia and North Thames: “Our customers are passionate about what they do and I love working with people who have that kind of enthusiasm and dedication.

“Our value-add services, such as audits and training, make me feel proud that I work for a company which not only manufactures products that improve safety and help people, but that also supplies these additional, free services which support our customers when and where they need them most.”

In her spare time, Imogen is a keen runner. She is part of a few different running groups and is trying to improve her speed and fitness to be able to run longer distances.

Imogen Jones passion for running

Imogen has a passion for running.

She also enjoys playing action and adventure video games and likes watching Japanese anime (hand-drawn and computer animation). The word anime is actually the Japanese term for animation!

Imogen Jones cos play group

Imogen with her cos play group.

Imogen says her colleagues would describe her as happy, approachable and colourful.

Imogen is a warm, friendly and cheerful part of our healthcare family and would be happy to chat with you about our products, services and marketing support. She can be reached by email or mobile 07970 095021.

Imogen is the Product Manager for our SHARPSGUARD® range, as well as the Territory Manager for customers in the North Thames and East Anglia regions.